The nuclear sector –
Participant in basic nuclear facility decommissioning

Customer benefits

Customer benefits - nuclear - Participant in basic nuclear facility decommissioningEnsuring project safety:

  • Initial scenario of the decommissioning worksite established,
  • Costs and global time-frame for the project optimised and validated,
  • Capacity resources dedicated to the project quantified:
    operators, equipment, handling and storage areas,
  • Schedule updated in line with regulatory, financial, capacity and technical developments.

nuclear - Participant in basic nuclear facility decommissioning


  • Risks linked to safety and radioactivity taken into account: (exposure time and dosimetry),
  • Management of work organisation.


Management of generated waste:

  • Forecasting of volumes to be processed according to category (conventional or non-conventional, very low level to low level activity, very short-lived to long-lived) throughout the project,
  • Non-conventional waste minimised.

nuclear - Participant in basic nuclear facility decommissioning

INOPROD Expertise

Thanks to its expertise in flow and process simulation, INOPROD assists its customers in the control of their decommissioning projects.

Using our digital models enables our customers to control their cost, lead time and dosimetry restrictions associated with long-term, complex projects for which input data which is sometimes uncertain.


Areva_LogoProjet focus: AREVA EURODIF DGB I

Decommissioning of the George Besse I centrifuge uranium enrichment plant.

Solutions provided to the customer:

  • Modelling of dismantling, transfer and waste processing workshops => Alignment of the decommissioning logic
  • Analysis through simulation of the sensitivity of the parameters influencing the initial decommissioning activity schedule => Duration / Costs impact
  • Analysis of several decommissioning scenarios => Validation of technical orientations
  • 3D modelling of the logistics area (packaging and removal) for specific waste => Sizing of the logistics area

Customer benefits:

  • 30% reduction in the decommissioning programme time-frame,
  • Significant reduction in OPEX and CAPEX investments

imgres> Dismantling DGB – Article Areva, Inoprod, Siemens

> Démantèlement DGB – Article Areva, Inoprod, Siemens


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