Aviation Safeguarding
the capacity of the supply chain

With the steady increase in orders in the aviation sector, major instructing parties and their equipment manufacturers
need to adapt to ensure the delivery requirements of their customers are met.


Customer benefits

Improved industrial performance:

  • Optimised flows (lower stocks, shorter cycle times),
  • Improved level of service: Optimised OTD (On Time in Delivery),
  • Visualisation of the production schedule (delivery schedule, rate of occupancy),
  • Enhanced product quality: Optimised OTQ (On Time in Quality).

Securing ramp-up:

  • Demonstration that current and future capacity are in line with the requirements of the instructing party,
  • Capacity and real estate analysis of production unit restructuring strategies,
  • Validation of investments on supply chains.

Rationalisation of the global supplier chain:

  • Global vision of requirements (work load and time-frame) thanks to connection of the digital models of each supplier,
  • Global improvement of processes: control, flow, maintenance, stocks, etc.
  • Simulation of current and future throughput rates according to SOP, MPS and scheduling (as-is / to-be analysis),
  • Anticipation of restructuring needs: introducing or ending a product.

Workstation ergonomics analysis:

  • MSD analysis,
  • Skills management,
  • Workstation layout,
  • Concurrent activity between operators, human / machine and machine / machine.

INOPROD expertise

Thanks to its expertise in flow and process simulation, INOPROD assists its customers in the continuous control of their industrial performance.

Using our digital models enables our customers to control their production, lead time and quality capacity restrictions associated with workload fluctuations (ramp-up) and high uncertainty (long delivery times, market fluctuations).

Project focus:


LEAP programme – Tier 1 supplier

aeronautique inoprod leapSolutions provided to the customer:

  • Bottlenecks identified,
  • Optimised storage zones,
  • Optimised equipment resources (addition of a new machine),
  • Quality, process and human risks identified which may affect the layout,
  • Definition of the production workshop layout.

Customer benefits:

  • Control of its manufacturing process, performance of the Process FMECA,
  • Customer’s instructing party assured that production targets can be met,
  • Industrial organisation development plan to achieve ramp-up targets,
  • Model making it possible to present simulations to the customer based on different operating scenarios



European Extremely Large Telescope programme (E-ELT)

aeronautique inoprod e-elt

Solutions provided to the customer:

  • Their digital model updated with different organisational and parametric developments,
  • MSD sensitivity analysis,
  • Comparative analysis of Pull flow / Regulated flow.

Customer benefits:

  • Optimised production capacity,
  • Control of WIP and intermediate stocks,
  • Proof of its future industrial performances through a digital flow model,
  • Opportunity to prove its delivery commitments to its customer,
  • Rationalised production resources and reduced investment (CAPEX).


Inoprod intervient dans de nombreux domaines industriels tel que : manufacturing, énergie, santé, transport, agronomie.
Notre expertise métier, nous a permis d’apporter une chaine de valeur complète dans des secteurs tels que l’aéronautique, le nucléaire et les dispositifs médicaux.
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