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INOPROD - gestion des risques

Risk Management (RM) is a key skill for the success of your project. It is a branch of engineering which spans all the development cycles of your product and its related process. As the backbone of the project, the role of RM is to ensure product and process cohesion to guarantee the functional, financial and time-frame targets of the project are achieved.

The deployment of risk management must be consistent with the strategic and technical level of the project. If it figures too prominently, RM will be seen as hindering the progress of the project. If it is too much in the background, RM will become irrelevant and will lose its value.

The challenge is therefore to create a suitable configuration with regard to the scope, the tools and the resources. The Inoprod project managers have the necessary experience and objectivity for this task.

We split the risk management scope of action into 3 bricks which can be handled independently or in combination:

  • Master your functional performance commitment: Product/System RM: Removes all the risks inherent to the definition and operation of the resource.
  • Master your completion time-frame commitmentProcess RM: Removes all the risks inherent to completion, taking into account: HR, the industrial methods, means and environment.
  • Ensure the fundamentals of a development project are balanced: Project RM: Acts as a link between the product and process developments, removes all the risks concerning management, general planning, legal, and normative issues and the overall budget of the programme.

Our methods and tools:

  • Preliminary Risk Analysis (PRA)
  • Product, Process FMECA
  • Technical audit methodology
  • Fault tree Analysis (FTA)
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Inoprod intervient dans de nombreux domaines industriels tel que : manufacturing, énergie, santé, transport, agronomie.
Notre expertise métier, nous a permis d’apporter une chaine de valeur complète dans des secteurs tels que l’aéronautique, le nucléaire et les dispositifs médicaux.
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