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Process simulation

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Process simulation is a powerful tool to pre-validate production unit performance. This type of engineering is immersive and dynamic and eliminates any risk of under-performance.

Its advantages:

  • Real-time simulation of different layout scenarios for production units
  • 3D representation of the environment, the operators, the facilities and robots
  • Integration of layouts resulting from scatter graphs, 3D scans or CAD
  • Dynamic combinatorial GANTT chart:
    sequencing of operations and concurrent activities

Its value:

  • Validation of manual and automated manufacturing and assembly routing
  • Validation of layouts without a physical model
  • Study of robot trajectories, detection of conflicts and collisions
  • Integration and animation of all robots on the market and your own equipment designed in-house
  • Immersion in the future with a very faithful representation of your environment

Project Focus



Our client developed tooling enabling it to:

  • Assemble shells extremely accurately
  • Make out linear and circular welds between the parts


In order to make this tooling functional, Inoprod studied and sized its integration into its future industrial environment by:

  • Validating the phases to mount and weld the various shells
  • Defining the installation of the tooling (robots, control panel, ancillary tools, etc.)
  • Defining and optimising the sequencing of the operations

Customer benefits:

  • Facilities defined and optimised
  • The installation validated
  • Any risk of collision eliminated
  • Performance validated (throughput rate)
  • Optimum assembly and welding sequence defined



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