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Flow simulation

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Manage your industrial investment decisions thanks to reliable performance indicators. Dynamic flow simulation is used to generate the behaviour of a future plant. Accurate measurement of its behaviour leads to the generation of key performance indicators (KPIs) which form a decision dashboard for your OPEX and CAPEX investments.


Anticipate your future organisation

  • Master the calculation of your return on investment (ROI) thanks to technical performance, HR and financial indicators
  • Anticipate human resources, equipment, energy and funding requirements
  • Safeguard strategic decision-making by simulating various scenarios
  • Make the capacity requirements of your production more reliable


Gain a better understanding of your industrial organisation

  • Audit and understand your existing facilities
  • Include your practical feedback and from controlled hazards
  • Test and organise sequencing and planning
  • Analyse behaviour accurately thanks to the KPIs
  • Integrate the technical parameters into the simulations: OEE, MTTR, MTBF, etc.


Put forward solutions to optimise industrial performance


  • Identify and master bottlenecks and resource conflicts
  • Reorganise site layout and production line installation
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Smooth the workload

Project Focus



As part of a production workshop reorganisation, our customer wanted to validate the capacity performance of its process, integrating the facilities already present and investments.



  • Interpretation of its process in flow simulation
    • Performance of a Process FMECA & audit on-site
    • Creation of the analytical flow diagram
  • Iteration of several potential organisation set-ups
    • Integration of all the production and handling workstations and the storage areas
    • Inclusion of operator resources with a skills and availability matrix
    • Modelling of all the decision-making elements: rules and industrial methods specific to the context
    • Search for the best performance/investment trade-offs
  • Establish the indicators affecting decision-making
    • Production schedule
    • Machine OEE
    • Facilities utilisation rates and storage zone occupancy

Customer benefits:

  • Development cycle and capacity sizing of the workshop < 2 months
  • Control of industrial and real-estate investments
  • Definition of the optimum assembly and welding sequence
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