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Ergonomic simulation

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The aim of ergonomics is to gain an understanding of the work in order to design or alter working environments, taking into account:

  • The health, safety and comfort of the employees
  • The company’s performance

Levers for action regarding ergonomics concern:

  • The technical systems and work tools
  • The working environment
  • How the work is organised
  • The people: skills, representation, etc.

Taking these into account will ensure:

  • The stability of your HR organisation in production and maintenance
  • Increased workstation productivity
  • Reduction of direct and indirect costs linked to workplace accidents and occupational diseases

We can:

  • Organise management of the project teams and production teams in the alteration or design of the environment and organisation of workstations.
  • Calculate the ergonomic index for posture according to recognised guidelines such as OWASNIOSH, etc.
  • Present a detailed diagnosis of the project concerning the work zone and work loads from the point of view of duress, pace and the environment.
  • Construct digital simulations of the alterations to the workstations and organisation to assess the impact of the selected solutions on:
    • the health, safety and comfort of the operator
    • the company’s performance
  • Provide concrete applicable recommendations in consultation with the project group and the plant management.

Our fields of operation:

  • The design, re-design and fitting-out of workstations and work systems
  • Improvement of the organisation or re-organisation of work
  • Prevention of occupational hazards: Musculoskeletal disorders, MSD

Our methods and tools:

  • Observation, interviews and questionnaires to understand what your operators’ work really involves
  • Implementation of protocols for ergonomic workload assessment (EAWS, NIOSH, OCRA, RULA, etc.) in real time in the digital simulation to assist decision-making
  • Implementation of indicators for long-term prevention of occupational hazards

Project Focus




Our customer wanted to include the issue of musculoskeletal disorders in a workshop design project


  • Analyse the operation of the future workshop
    • Adopt the elements of the project resulting from the Process FMECA
    • Observe identified situations of reference
  • Assist the project teams with regard to the layout study
    • Seek the best workstation design
    • Rule on the organisation
    • Grasp the social aspect of the work
  • Assessment after installation
    • Ensure the adaptations are appropriate
    • Help the organisation set up continuously improve its processes
    • Monitor the indicators set up

Customer benefits:

  • The health of the operator at work
  • The company’s performance
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