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Tecnomatix Process Simulate allows assembly concepts to be validated virtually before production even starts. The ability to use the 3D data of products and resources supports the virtual validation, optimisation and implementation of complex manufacturing processes, which results in faster launch and higher production quality.


Process Simulate enables users to check the feasibility of an assembly process by validating its access and clearances to avoid collisions. This all occurs thanks to a combined simulation of the complete product assembly process and of the tool itself. The automatic creation of assembly sequences allows the productivity of the planning processes to be improved. Tools such as cross-sections, measurements and collision detection permits detailed verification and optimisation of assembly situations. It is possible to produce the finished assembly process documentation using the film manager which allows you to illustrate operating instructions with videos.





Process Simulate is also a collaborative platform for the programming of robot nurseries allowing several users to carry out preparation work simultaneously on several robots from the same cell. Widely used by the automotive sector, Process Simulate is a safe solution for the most demanding of cases.

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