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Process Simulate Human is an add-on of Process Simulate which extends its functionality by enabling you to realistically simulate human tasks, assess human performance (e.g. to avoid injuries) and create efficient ergonomic studies. You can use Process Simulate Human to optimise the ergonomics of workstations and validate the feasibility of manual assembly.


  1. Anthropometrically and biometrically accurate scalable human figures
  2. Comprehensive suite of ergonomic analysis tools
  3. Advanced posture algorithms for fast simulation of working conditions
  4. Eye-view windows and field-of-vision analysis
  5. Reach envelopes for fast workstation configuration
  6. Film and screenshots for documentation and presentations
  7. Broad virtual reality motion capture hardware support including Microsoft Kinect® for Windows.


  1. Reduce product costs and the cost of engineering the products while at the same time creating more user-friendly designs
  2. Improve the efficiency of manufacturing procedures and the use of resources
  3. Incorporate compliance with ergonomic standards during the engineering and product manufacturing design process
  4. Avoid reworking by uncovering human performance and feasibility issues early
  5. Improve communication of engineering issues
  6. Visually capture and store best practices
  7. Enhance workplace safety with regard to manufacturing
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