Inoprod Institut
Inoprod Institut is a training organisation registered under the approval number 83 63 04604 63.The mission of this company is to disseminate and transmit our know-how through:
  • its training centre for inter-company training courses
  • its personalised courses incorporating dedicated content and held at your site
  • its operations in the academic world
We centralise the requirements of our industrial and academic customers for skills improvement and autonomy.

Inoprod Institute has a catalogue of training courses
in Tecnomatix Manufacturing software:


  • Plant Simulation
  • Process Simulate
  • RobotExpert
  • Jack Human Simulation


Inoprod Institute has a catalogue 
of training courses in Risk Management


  • Projet, Produit and Process
  • Standard EN 62366:Application of usability engineering to medical devices




For any requests for pricing,
adhoc training or specific dates,
please contact: